Yes! You read correctly, you can already communicate with your baby inside the womb, and meet them, as their mom but also as another person!

As soon as you are pregnant, take the habit to talk to your baby...your baby hears you and feels the intentions.

Teach them that they dont have to sit still and wait for the 9 months to pass by, while they still have space they can move around your womb and enjoy their little house.

If they are pressing on your bladder, or pushing your belly forward tell them to move a little bit on the side, that they are actually pressing on your bladder or that they can move to the back of your hips, in the center of your body, further back..and there you have several options:

  • The first one is to think really hard in your head of the middle of your hips, your lower back and think that this is the most confortable place for your baby to go to, like a nice soft pillow, a warm fluffy cloud or a small mount of warm sand, whatever would seem the most confortable to you and tell your baby to go there...tell them that it's going to be so so confortable there and they will move I can assure you...

  • Your second option is to involve your partner and tell them to put their hand flat on your lower back and stand their hand still while inviting your baby to come into their hand for a hug. All the intention is so very important in these cases. He or she should put all their loving intention into their hand. As the mum you can support your partner by telling your baby (mentally) to go and give a little hug to them.

  • Your third option is to do the same as the last option on your own and put your hand in your lower back...imagine the baby cannot feel gravity they cannot see...or a sligth blurry light towards the end of the pregnancy, how can they know their left from the right, your ribs from your bladder...teach them with the heat in your hand and all your love and intention.

I have been doing this with my three babies and I am convinced it helped me to go through my pregnancies really confortably.

If you or your partner wants to communicate with your baby, place your hand on your belly and don't move it around the belly, because the baby can not follow you, it's too fast. Choose a place and stay there, put all your love and thoughts in your hand to say hi to your baby and tell them to come give you a hug. Try to do this since the beginning and as soon as they are big enough you will feel them pushing towards your hand.

My babies were pushing so hard into my husband's hand, it created a bump on my bump!

As a mom, you can also lie down, relax, say hi to your baby and offer them mentally to come give you a hug into your heart, and that it pretty magical as you will feel them going up into your chest...

Any person who would like to say hi to your baby and touch your belly should ask you for your permission so you can warn the baby, it seems to be common sense to anyone who has already been pregnant but not to people who have never been and I don't blame them it's not easy to understand they are not only touching a baby's house but your actual body!

The best is to guide them by holding their hand and holding it still so that you can introduce the person to your baby and the baby can come and say hi. If they go too fast from left to right or up and down, the baby won't have time to move towards the hand.

This is a fabulous experience to have with your older kids once your baby is old enough in your belly to move around, hold their little hand onto your belly and introduce them both, it's magical!

You can also do little exercices with your partner, they can hold their hand to one side of your belly and gently but firmly press 3 times on your bump in the exact same place and then stay still and put all their love and thoughts and good intentions in their hand to call the baby into their hand, the baby will move towards the hand (even if at the beginning it is harldy noticeable, the mum is the first who will feel the baby moving and then as the pregnancy moves forward the baby will grow it will become obvious to everyone - also the sensitivity of movement will increase for your partner with time). 

Then they can switch side and start again...this will teach mobility to your baby and avoid they stay stuck on one side or the other during the pregnancy. It will also already teach them they can be in control of their own body which is pretty big to learn already in the womb! (and can create frustration at birth but I will write another post about it)

I hope I am being clear enough on the concept because it is something that is so important to me, I have been taught this in France in Haptonomy class with the amazing Catherine Dolto herself as we were preparing the birth in Paris with her. (this is only a fraction of what you will learn during your preparation of course and I am not pretending to teach you exactly what she taught us as I am not a trained Haptonomy practicioner)

Haptonomy is a new science of communication with the baby in the womb and it is extraordinary and the best way to involve your partner in your pregnancy.

These are facts, haptonomy has helped breaching babies turn around with their dad guiding them through their touch and hands; babies have warned their mums of their dads arriving home before they passed the door by pushing into their belly towards the door a few minutes before they came home...and so on, check online it is very powerful and so easy to start doing!

I hope you will like this practice. Let me know if you manage to establish a real active connection with your baby in your womb in the comments, I would love to feel the magic!

Take care,