Are you ready to meet your baby?

It’s in New-York, pregnant with my third child, that I had the idea to create the Birth Bubble mantras in order to guide you, give you strength and courage in this unforgettable experience. 
I truly believe that even if you have prepared for delivery very thoroughly, you can easily lose your bearings when it's time to give birth…

Birth Bubble mantras will be there to help you. Designs and words were carefully chosen to draw your attention and remind you of the main reasons why it is worth it to fully live through this moment. One mantra will simply remind you to breath, another will empower you, and they will all echo the things you have heard during your months of preparation.

Birth Bubble stickers are all-surface friendly: a birthing ball, your partner’s shirt, walls, ceilings… and they are completely reusable! As a start, we advise you to stick them all around your daily environment, to get as familiar as possible with them. A few weeks before your due date, place them into your birth bag. On the day of your delivery, stick them everywhere all over your birthing environment, where you can easily see them during labor. 

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